Aly Goni is extremely happy for Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya the famous cricketer got engaged to the actress Natasa Stankovic. They both were in news on New Year as the cricketer proposed her on a yacht.

Natasa was a part of the popular dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye’. She was performing along with her ex-boyfriend Aly Goni. They were dating each other in 2014. The couple was doing well on the show and they were third runner-ups.

Aly Goni is extremely happy for Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya

After Natasa got engaged, TOI spoke with the Aly Goni her ex-boyfriend. Aly says Natasa told him about her relationship with Hardik some time ago. She really loves him a lot and so does he. He says he remembers during ‘Nach Baliye’ Hardik would often call to check on her. They even look nice together and I am very happy for her. They make a perfect match. Natasa is a darling; she is sweet and caring says Aly Goni

When asked him about whether he was aware of their engagement plan. Aly says, he was not aware of their plans it was a surprise for Natasa too. As she would have told him about it. He messaged her and she said that the feeling is still sinking in.

Aly answers if he met Hardik Pandya

When Aly was asked if he met Hardik. Then Aly says that he has spoken to him couple of times, as Natasa and he were practically together for eight-nine hours rehearsing for ‘Nach Baliye’. He plans to meet them soon and congratulate them in person.

During Nach Baliye, Aly and Natasa were good performers and did quite well in the show. There were also speculations that the duo might rekindle with each other. To which Aly says that this was never a case or even possible.

It was funny how some people were reacting to this news on social media. There were many memes on both of them. As there memes where Aly was crying in the background to the song ‘Channa Mereya’ (laughs!) . He also got few sympathy messages to which he says, What’s wrong with these people? He says, he guess that they can’t envision two exes becoming friends, as they might not be capable of it.

Natasa and he were sure that they both won’t get back into relationship again. As the two had attempted it once previously but it didn’t work. He says that their split has not changed their equation. They were very young when they started dating each other.

Even then, they were buddies first. They both parted on a good note and they are great friends. That is also reason they both participated in the show Nach Baliye. He says he won’t have been able to do this with anyone else.

Aly speaks about his friendship bond with Jasmin Bhasin.

When Aly was asked about his relationship with Jasmin Bhasin. As the actor was a part of the show Khatron Ke Khiladi they both were the fellow contestants. Aly says He doesn’t know how to define their relationship, it’s a pure and good friendship. Jasmin is closet to him. She is more than a best friend.

He doesn’t have many friends in the industry. They talk to each other about everything under the sun, and he always makes fun of her. He doesn’t want to give it any tag, as I don’t want to make it ugly. For now, friendship is better to bond. If there could be anything more than that, he is not sure about it yet.

Aly Goni calls himself “Commitment Phobic” and he adds that he is focussing on work at the moment. Also, he wants to marry someone who is not from the industry. He aspires to lead a normal life when he is not working. He would want to talk beyond just ‘lights, camera and action.”

Talking about his work, the actor says that he has taken a break from fiction shows and he is working on himself and he will be back in action soon.
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