Beyhadh 2 actress Jennifer Winget doesn’t like to tag the roles she plays

Maya from Beyhadh 2 is just amazing. The way she does her role in the show is beyond awesome! Maya is played by the beautiful actress Jennifer Winget who also seen in season 1 of Beyhadh.

However Jennifer says she doesn’t like to categorise her role or the character played by her as Good, Bad or Ugly. She says she don’t like terms like negative character, positive or grey character. She thinks that they are actors and all the roles they play are beautiful.

She even says it is playing complex roles is more beautiful. She says she was not at all skeptical when she came on board for Beyhadh. Well she says, many people ask her how does she feel playing the negative role to which she says she doesn’t like such term.

Jennifer says the character is a fictional and we are expressing a story through the character. There is neither hero nor villain in the show. She states Beyhadh is close to her heart and the entire journey season one onward has been out of the box.

She evens say she has no doubt in her mind when he plays the role of Maya. Jennifer also says she is ready to make her debut in digital with ALTBalaji’s “Code M”. She is very excited about her debut as she says she will be playing the role of an Army Officer. During this role she will get to know more about herself and also as an artiste inside her.

Jennifer wants to try out different types of characters

Jennifer says she wants to try out different types of roles. She states with “Code M” she is into action. Where she finds it to be a interesting. She even says that working again with Balaji is like coming back in the family. She evens says that Ekta Kapoor is a fantastic person and working with such people feels great.

Jennifer says that her experience working on the OTT medium, Jennifer emphasized projects rather then the medium were important. For her all that matters is the project. She says she believes in doing a good work and while she is working in the web medium she doesn’t feel out of place at all.

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