Goons To Point Gun at AJ: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega August 6 episode starts with Guddan entering the Jindal house where Durga stops her and apoligises her. And Guddan starts shouting and asking for Ganga.

Avinash comes in front of Guddan and says that he will get Ganga. Where everyone is shocked to see Ganga in her new avatar.

Ganga comes out in a white saree like a widow with her hair open. Every family member is shocked to see her in this look. Guddan asks Ganga about where is her daughter. Ganga starts laughing and clapping.

Guddan shuts her mouth and asks her again about her daughter. Ganga laughs and tells Guddan if you cannot appreciate my new look you can at least ask about it.

And say that no worries she will tell why she got this new look. Ganga gives her three reasons. Firstly, she lost her child because of Guddan. Secondly, She lost her husband because of Guddan. Thirdly, the slapped by Guddan.

To which Guddan says that she used her daughter to take revenge from Guddan. Ganga does lots of drama and tells Guddan that she will dance and tell about her daughter.

Ganga dances in front of Guddan on the song Mein Nagin tu Sapera. Then Guddan gets irritated with her act and stops the music by throwing the phone away.

Avinash tries to explain Ganga that if she has not mad why is she doing all this. And asks her to stop all this and tell where is Choti Guddan.

Ganga tells Guddan that she took away her husband from her. He never dares to speak with her in a loud voice. Ganga gets irritated as every member of the family keeps on saying Guddan this, Guddan that, Guddan, Guddan.

Goons point Gun towards AJ

Ganga brings goons to the house for her protection. In the mean, while AJ enters the house and fights with the goons. These goons point their gun on AJ. Where Ganga comes and tells did you forget that Choti Guddan is with her.

Guddan says she will do anything and everything that Ganga wished but just give her daughter back. And Guddan requests her that please tell where is her daughter.

Ganga reveals her plan

Ganga tells her the entire story of how she declared Guddan’s newborn dead and then unfortunately she comes back to the house.

Then she got a fake couple in the house. Later she used Durga bahu to get Choti Guddan away from Guddan.

Ganga says that she won’t tell her where is Choti Guddan as she wants to play with her.

She will be playing this game with Guddan for three days. This game will be played by two players only Ganga and Guddan.

If Guddan wins she will get her daughter back.

This is all about today’s episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

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