Himashi Khurana speaks in support with Asim: Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar episode was with new more twist in the show. The host of the show Salman Khan blame Asim that he is the reason for Himashi’s breakup. Himanshi was in relationship with her boyfriend Chow. Salman even said it in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode that he saw that on show and it didn’t look nice.

Himashi Khurana speaks in support with Asim.
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On the other hand Himanshi posted on twitter and supported Asim. She says that she doesn’t like her fans blaming Asim for it. She writes and clears everything about it.

Himanshi posts that she broke with her boyfriend but she also says that no one should be blamed for it. She says ” Will clear everything don’t be so insensitive.. Asim par koi blame nahi ayega I promise..I know he’s upset …..rishta mera bhi tuta hai dono tough situation me hai …kisi ki koi galti nahi hai …but Asim fans needs to understand Asim mere zada close hai to mujhe zada fikr hai.”

Himanshi appreciates for when Asim told Salmar that he will love her ans care for Himanshi forever. Himanshi tweets for it, “I know my fans n Asim fans are upset main bhi hu …not in state if mind but I blve kuch acha hone wala hai …ye meri or Asim ki personal life hai but I’m happy asim ne aj strongly bola I do n will forever …….don’t talk negative bcz boht sari pure feelings involved hai hmaari.”

Bigg Boss 13 family week was on the go where Parag Tyagi who is Shefali’s husband informs Asim about Himanshi calling off her engagement. Later Asim’s brother Umar enters the house where he confirms the news with him. Umar says that everything is fine and Himanshi is waiting for him.

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