I want to make ShehRaj more popular than SidNaaz says Balraj Syal: Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge latest episode is all interesting. Shehnaz and her brother Shehbaz is turning to be astrologers and they speak about future.

Balraj wants to make ShehRaj more popular then SidNaaz
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He says Balraj Syal as ‘Choti ke ustaad’ and clears as if he wants to marry and a girl or a boy. To which Balraj replies in a joke to Shehbaz that he want Gill family’s dna. He is okay if not Shehnaz then Shehbaz will also work.

Shehbaz speaks to Balraj and says that his future will be bright and best whatever best he does for Shehnaz. To which Balraj says his only aim is to make ShehRaj more popular then SidNaaz. Shehnaaz is happy to hear this and she cheers to this.

Later the brother sister duo of astrologer continues. Shehbaz sees Sanjjanaa Gilrani’s hand and says that there is not future of her with Paras. And ask her about her equation in deep. Later coming to Ankita Srivatsava, he ssays that she has a future with Paras. Then Jasleen Matharu and Mayur Verma were asked questions about their bond. Jasleen replies to it as she was hurt when Mayur said that they are no more friends with each other.

Mayur says that he does not like when Jasleen keeps on saying that he is flirt all over again and again.

Recently we could see that Shehnaz chooses to go out on a date with Mayur. On the other hand Paras chooses Navdeesh to go out for a date. Both of them seem to have a great time with theirs dates and enjoy the moment.

Shehnaz is finding a Dulha on the sets of the show. She has also been a part of the popular television show Bigg Boss. Where she was one of those in the limelight. Shehnaz even had her connection with Siddharth Shukla on the sets of the show. The two were one of the best pairs on the show with lots of fan following.

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