Is Himanshi Khurana Spoiling Asim Riaz’s game ?? : Bigg Boss 13

Himanshi Khurana enters the houe of Bigg Boss 13. In the family week task he enters the house as Asim Riaz’s connection. Asim makes it to propose her soon after he enters the house. Himanshi choose to be quiet for the proposal and she is just being supportive to him.

Is Himanshi Khurana spoiling Asim Riaz's game in Bigg Boss
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Himanshi speaks with Asim and she tells about what was wrong in her older relationship. She was in a relationship with Asim with Chow. We could see the second runner up of the Season 6 of Bigg Boss writes that Himanshi is making Asim look like a fool. She is even spoiling his game.

There was a poll taken from the fans on the view that even they feel that Himanshi is ruining the Asim’s game. The poll being taken by timesofIndia. It was surprising to know that fans too feel the same as Sana Khan feels. They are agreeing to her by 83 percent.

Even the host of the show Salman Khan asks Asim that he look fool as he confesses his love for Himanshi Khurana

Asim’s close friends warns Himanshi that he will change once he is out of the house of Bigg Boss 13

Himanshi and Asim speak to each other. Himanshi clearly tells Asim for why she is not telling her feelings to Asim. She tells him that few of his close people are warning her that Asim will change after he is out of the house of Bigg Boss 13. Host of the show superstar Salman Khan also reveals that Asim is in relationship outside the house. And he has not yet broken up with it.

To know more about how Himanshi and Asim’s relationship is taking turn stick around this page.

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