Kumkum Bhagya: Maya to Trap Ranbeer???

Kumkum Bhagya’s August 7 episode starts with Prachi who is unable to sleep as she doesn’t get a call back from Ranbeer. She thinks he might be busy but still she is unable to sleep.

Ranbeer goes to meet Abhi and asks about his health. Rhea comes with a coffee and Vikram is already there. Abhi takes the coffee.

Vikram leaves and Abhi asks Ranbeer to wait back and tells him that his father told me everything and he doesn’t have to do anything in pressure. Abhi also tells Ranbeer that he is always there with him no matter what.

Ranbeer thanks Abhi for asking him to take help. Later Ranbeer goes back to the kitchen and looks at his phone that is switched off. He wonders how it got switched off and starts the phone finds Prachi’s missed call.

He calls her back and Prachi starts shouting at him for not answering her phone calls. Ranbeer speaks to her for a while and in a fun way irritates her by again and again telling her that she is acting like his girlfriend.

Then Ranbeer and Prachi decide to meet the next day and visit Rahul and they cut the call.

Rhea is waiting for Ranbeer in his room. Ranbeer enters the room Rhea tells him that she was waiting for him where was he? To which Ranbeer says that he was in a kitchen on a phone call.

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Then Ranbeer asks her if he can sleep to which Rhea says sure! Then Rhea tells Ranbeer that she was thinking that her dad is ready to help him in the case of Maya then why he didn’t take his help.

To which Ranbeer says that he knows that chief (Abhi) will do anything for him. But he doesn’t want to see the chief in problem because of him. So he doesn’t take help from him.

Ranbeer tells Prachi that he can do anything for chief and follow anything he asks him to do. Rhea is happy to hear this from Ranbeer.

Ranbeer and Prachi meet the next day they wanted to meet Rahul. Prachi sees Rahul and asks Ranbeer to catch him. Rahul is speaking over a call with Maya he disconnects the call when he sees Ranbeer and runs.

However, Ranbeer and Prachi catch him as he runs in the house. Ranbeer and Prachi threaten Rahul that they will kill him if he doesn’t tell what happened on the day of Sangeet.

Why did Maya return to the Sangeet if she has run with him? To which Rahul tells that Maya and he made a plan to trap Ranbeer.

Maya To Trap Ranbeer?

He tells the complete plan that Maya told him that she will marry Ranbeer. And next day she will file for a divorce with Ranbeer showing the video clip of Ranbeer and Prachi.

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Then the money which she will get after divorce she asks Rahul to use to for setting up a business. Ranbeer and Prachi asks him to come with them and tell the truth to everyone to which Rahul denies. He puts some spray on Ranbeer and Prachi and he runs saying that he will leave the city.

Later Prachi and Ranbeer are at Rahul’s house where he tells Prachi what is love.

Kumkum Bhagya August 7 episode will be all about Ranbeer and Prachi coming to know about the plan of Maya.

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