Kundali Bhagya: Sherlyn and Mahira Plans to Kills Mahesh Luthra

Kundali Bhagya’s August 7 episode starts with everyone shocked when Rishabh says that if he would have listened to his heart he won’t have married.

Then later Rakhi handles the situation and says that there is a small fight between the two and Rishabh is upset with Sherlyn. Later Rishabh says that he is fine now he is not upset.

Mahira to hide something in her hand

On the other hand, Sherlyn goes to call Mahira. Sherlyn sees Mahira walking fast hiding something in her hand. On asking Mahira says it’s nothing. but Sherlyn insists her to tell and Mahira agrees.

Preeta is walking where she meets Kritika. Kritika tells her that all this wrong what is happening to you. You have to watch this marriage. Preeta tells that she doesn’t mind watching this marriage.

As she says that she got the chance to attend Karan Luthra’s wedding. He is a celebrity and not everyone gets the chance to attend such a big wedding.

While Preeta was talking to Kritika, Karan enters and tells that Karan Luthra has invited a physiotherapist to his marriage and what is wrong in it. And starts telling her to read tomorrow’s newspaper.

Karan tells Preeta that he knows she is the one who is most unhappy with this marriage. But she is showing as if she is the happiest person to watch this marriage happening.

Preeta tells Karan that she has no effect of this marriage on her and leaves.

Mahira has two bottles in her hand as she wants to celebrate her marriage. Sherlyn hears someone coming there and takes Mahira to Mahesh Luthra’s room to hide.

Mahira watches Mahesh Luthra and tells Sherlyn that she is afraid that Mahira Luthra will wake up one day and expose her. She says that she still remembers that day. When Mahesh Luthra was about to expose Sherlyn that day and how Mahesh Luthra was watching her.

She says that she is really too worried if Mahesh Luthra wakes up. He will wake up and starts shouting and will call everyone to the room and expose her.

Sherlyn laughs at Mahira and says that he won’t wake up look at his condition. And tells Mahesh to wake up and see that Mahira will be Mrs. Karan Luthra in an hour.

Sherlyn and Mahira plans to kill Mahesh Luthra

Sherlyn tells Mahira that she has a plan to kill Mahesh Luthra and she wants to execute it. Preeta comes near the Mahesh Luthra’s room and overhears the whole conversation between Sherlyn and Mahira and how they plan to kill Mahesh Luthra.

Sherlyn and Mahira planning to kill Mahesh Luthra
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Sherlyn says that she wanted to kill Mahesh Luthra but she is waiting for the Karan and Mahira’s wedding to get over. As if she kills him now their wedding will be postponed for a year which is a very long period.

In the meanwhile, Preeta will come to this house back. And she will become the bahu of Luthra family and Mahira won’t be able to understand how did it happen.

Sherlyn says she will execute her plan today night after this marriage gets over. Mahira tries to stop her by saying that she wants to a spend happy life with Karan after marriage.

Sherlyn tries to explain her and says that forget it first let’s complete your dream of becoming The Karan Luthra’s wife. And they both come out of the room.

Preeta hides herself

Preets hides when she hears Sherlyn and Mahira coming out of the Mahesh Luthra's room
Image Source: ZEE5

Preeta hides herself as she hears they both coming out of the room. Later Preeta enters the Mahesh Luthra’s room and tells him that how bad these people are and how they are hurting Luthra family.

She says she has to do something today itself because once this marriage happens she will get away from this house forever. And she won’t be able to save him so she has to think something.

Karan enters the room searching for Preeta and says that he is missing her. And tells her that he asked her not to anything which makes him miss her.

This is the upcoming twist in the Kundali Bhagya episode of August 7, 2020.

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