Maniesh Paul’s short film ‘What if’ releases today, earning of the film will be donated!

Maniesh Paul is up with new the short film ‘What if’. The film is based on the lockdown and the current situation we are going through due to the coronavirus.

Maniesh Paul says that the he will donating complete amount he gets from the short film as a charity. As people are in need who are daily wage workers, helpers. He speaks about his short film ‘What if’ with one of the leading entertainment portals.

Maniesh made this short film with Jio Studios. ‘What If’ is directed by the Maniesh and co-directed by Kartik Singh.

Maniesh Paul’s ‘What If’ Release date

‘What If’ premiered on Wednesday this week. The release date of the Maniesh Paul’s short film ‘What If’ is May 13, 2020.

The release of the short film took place on Maniesh Paul ‘s YouTube Channel along with the Jio Studios’ YouTube Channel.

The entire short film is been shoot at Maniesh’s house and he didn’t go out for the shooting. Also, the film is shot in the selfie mode of the camera.

Maniesh speaks about his short film ‘What If’

Maniesh says, “Whatever money we will be getting from the film, we will be putting it for charity because right now a lot of people are in need be it daily wage workers, helpers. So, we are just trying to distribute the money amongst them.”

Further, he Maniesh adds, “The movie is a thriller. It’s on the lockdown only. The situation we are facing right now and the idea came to like how we are doing live chats nowadays and how we are facing the problem and still keeping the smile on our face. And how the character Maniesh Paul, I am playing Maniesh Paul in the film and how what happens when the quarantine days keep increasing.”

Speaking more he says he and director Kartik thought that they both could have this short film together. And this is how they made the film. Manish was shooting alone. He was shooting the film on selfie mode on his phone and he used keeping speaking with Kartik on a phone. He used to tell Kartik this is what he was doing and Kartik guided him to do it like that. And it was a collaboration on the phone. He says technology played a great part in the film. Maniesh shot the entire movie on his phone’s selfie mode.

Where to watch the short film ‘What If’?

You can watch the new short film ‘What If’ now anytime and from anywhere. The film has made the premier today so watch it now on YouTube.

Movies released today on the YouTube channels of Maniesh Paul and Jio Studios.

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