Mere Angne Mein featuring Jacqueline Fernandez and Asim Riaz is out.

“Mere Angne Mein” is finally out where we could see Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez and runner up of the popular television show Bigg Boss 13 Asim Riaz. The song has all the festive mood and is released just a day before Holi.

Mere Angne Mein is out today featuring Jacqueline Fernandez and Asim Riaz
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The song starts with going back into past to tell out a story of a princess. The princess who was saved by a knight in shining armour.

The song in the starts in the time of 1435 AD. Jacqueline who is the princess is asked to marry a older man who is king. The princess is unhappy with the unfair pair of hers. The song then switches in the present time where a couple is enjoying Holi. This couple is played by Khushi Joshi and Anuj Saini.

In the song the guy goes to his girlfriend gives her a drink, he is surrounded by women who is trying hard to woo him. The guy then starts matching his dance steps with the women as he falls for their charm. Then his girlfriend sends him back in time to learn more about love as she is irked by him.

Asim Riaz appears in 1435 AD in the song

However the guy turned out to be Asim Riaz when he is sent back in time. And he magically enters into the princess room. Asim catches her dancing on Amitabh Bachchan’s song along with her girls. Princess finds a bottle of alcohol with Asim which she smells and drinks. All the soldiers of the kingdom go back their and try to attack on Asim but then he uses his phone turns on selfie mode and scares them.

The girl then calls her partner back in the current time. And asks him what did he learn in the time. The guy returns in time along with the princess.

Jacqueline’s energy level is the best as always and her energetic dance moves are awesome. The song really get the wonderful start and as it forwards the energy is doubled.

This song is one of the iconic songs of the Bollywood. This version of the song is sung by the singing icon Neha Kakkar and Raja Hasan. The sing is under the direction of Radhika Rao and Varun Sapru.

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