Neha Pendse about her beau Shardul Singh Bayas

New year is marking new beginnings for the actress Neha Pendse. ‘May I Come In Madam??’ fame will tie a knot this year on January 5, 2020. The actress will be marrying her beau businessman Shardul Singh Bayas. The marriage rituals are already on the go however the sangeet ceremony will be on January 3, 2020. Along with the other ceremonies mehendi and ring ceremony. Gramukh pooja was performed on Monday by the family of the actress.

Speaking about the marriage actress says, though Shardul belongs to a Rajput family from Rajasthan his family had moved to Pune long ago. She says that he is as much Maharashtrian as her and so the couple is going to have a Maharashtrian Wedding.

When asked her about how did she meet Mr. Right, to which Neha says that the two meet a little more than a year ago, at one of their common friend’s party. At the first the Shardul contacted Neha for the professional reasons and that’s how they started talking to each other. He was inquisitive about her personal life and he soon asked her for a date.

At that point he was apprehensive as they were not even friends then. So she told him that they should know each other first. And also her apprehensive also stemmed from a ugly breakup and she had not yet got over it. But she was driven towards Shardul as he was a caring person. Shardul understood her fragile state of mind and he soothed her broken heart. He had been through a lot in his life. Shardul is well-read, intelligent, understanding and good at reading people’s mind. He cracked her on the first meeting (laughs!)

Neha was looking for something more then just love…

Neha reveals that Shardul proposes Neha just after three months of them dating in April. She says they were looking for something concrete and stable in a relationship front. And they didn’t have dekhte hain, chalta hai types attitude. Neha adds Shardul wanted to marry her the very day but the he also wanted her to get over her past. And she was seeking for more that just love….she wanted a commitment and marriage as well.

She says that both of them had burnt their fingers once in love and they didn’t wanted to repeat it again. And they both were serious about the institution of marriage. They hardly had romantic talk, in the start their talks were more intelligent then romantic. And that was the things which bought her close to Shardul. She says Shardul had everything which she wanted in her man. And she says that she feels that this marriage was meant to happen.

As the wedding is on the go. Neha and Shardul will immediately join with their work and their honeymoon is on wait. She says they are planning honeymoon somewhere in April mostly to Japan.

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