Rishi Kapoor inspires Kunal Kohli to come back and prove everybody wrong in their last phone call

Rishi Kapoor is no more in between us. This a very sad news of the year as the nation lost two legends within two days. Kunal Kohli shares about the last talk he had with the Rishi Kapoor.

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As we all are aware of the situation outside due to coronavirus. Whole nation is on lockdown due to rapid spreading of such a deadly virus. Fans of Rishi Kapoor didn’t get to see him for last time. The Kunal Kohli shares about Rishi Kapoor in chat with one of the leading entertainment portal.

Kunal Kholi is a Rishi Kapoor’s one of the good friends. The director of the film Hum Tum was a close buddy with Rishi Kapoor. Kunal Kohli says, “When I heard the news, I just couldn’t believe it. I immediately called up Manish Malhotra after I read a few tweets and he told me he is no more.”

Further he adds, “I broke down completely. Life will never be the same without him. The industry, the parties nothing will ever be the same without him without Rishi ji. And this shouldn’t have been the way he went. He deserved better farewell. He couldn’t have gone just like this.”

These were the words of Kunal Kohli when he heard about the news of Rishi Kapoor not being between us. They both were a very good friends and they even worked on few projects together.

Sharing more about the memories of him and Rishi ji. He tells that they recently had a conversation before the lockdown started. Kunal Kohli says, “He has called me up just recently just before this lockdown. And he was like, ‘Kya kar rahe ho, I want a very big film from you. Tumse kam (talented) directors badi badi filmein bana rahe. Come back and prove everybody wrong.'”

Further he tells about the their conversation on the twitter. Stating, “There was also a conversation we had on Twitter where I told him that nobody could play the daff like him because he was the original dafliwala. Nobody could lip sync like him. That was the last time we spoke. I never knew it will be the last chat.”

It is a very sad news about such a great loss that Rishi sir is no more. But the memories he had with every one are really the one to cherish. May his soul rest in peace.

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