Shehnaz Gill and Vishal Aditya Singh into the fight: Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 is full of new drama, twists and turns, and controversies each day. In the last episode Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task in the house. The task is to be played in pairs. One contestant will be a robot and others will be the scientist. To which Vikas Gupta was appointed as the sanchalak of the game.

During the task entire house is the planet Mars. All the housemates have to fill water using the container. The container will be having the sponge which will be absorbing the water. The scientist’s job will be to remove the water from the containers using the beaker given to them. Then they have to pour it in the other empty container. In this task, Shehnaz was performing along with Siddharth. Where Shehnaz fills up the large container.

Shehnaz Gill and Vishal Aditya Singh into the fight: Bigg Boss 13

During the task, Vishal throws the Shehnaz’s container while she was filling water. Shefali Bagga was protecting Shehnaz’s container. Shefali and Mahira tried to stop the Vishal but he still went ahead. However entire pressure was on Shehnaz where she gets hurt on her fingers.

The buzzer rang, and Shehnaz picks up a fight with Vishal. He was being told by Shehnaz and Shefali that this is not how one climb on someone to destroy their work. Shehnaz gets pissed off and says, ” Laat maarungi mai tujhe” and shows him her hurt finger.

In the whole situation, Vishal tries to defend himself but it is Siddharth who passes comment that what Vishal can do is Fight with girls.

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