Shruti Tuli alleged girlfrind of Asim Riaz says he is not dating anyone outside the house of Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss 13 contestants are witnessing some love and fights too. Relationship status of the housemates is on the weak nerve for the housemates. Recently we are seeing that the love proposal of Asim Riaz for Himanshi Khurana is all fake. Vikas Gupta tells that he has a girlfriend outside the house.

Shruti Tuli says Asim is not dating anyone outside the house of Bigg Boss 13
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Vikas tells Shehnaz that someone is waiting for the Asim. As he could have started things with Himanshi after ending earlier things. Shruti Tuli is alleged as his girlfriend. She tweets about that refuting the claims.

Shruti Tuli tweets on the same and clears of all the allegations by writing it on the Twitter. She writes, “It’s a lie. Asim’s not dating anyone outside. Just another trick to defame him. #AsimRiaz #AsimSquad,” Shruti never fails to tweet in support with Asim. She always takes his back.

Vikas says, “Pyaar mohabbat yahan chal ri hai, bahar bhi koi pagal ho rakha hai. Sabke apne apne tante hain bhaiya yaha pe. Relationship todo pahle, uske baad karo (Love and romance is going on here, someone is going crazy over him outside. Everyone plays a different game. First do the breakup with the older one then do something new.)

Umar Riaz speaks over the allegations put on is brother Asim

Asim’s brother Umar Riaz too speaks on the allegations. He directly denies the allegations and tweets. He writes, Don’t talk sh*t about my bro @lostboy54. Better be worries about ur love life rather than caring about my brother’s. He already scrwed ur case when u were inside the BB house, the so called mastermind of BB. Failed players and their sh*tty made up stories!.”

As the promo is shared by the channel. Fans are reacting to it saying that it is going to be a great help for Siddharth malign Asim’s image as the family ans friends task is designed in a well planned manner.Actor-Singer Amit Tandon writes, The attempts to defame Asim by “whomsever” is quite sickening especially the latest that he has a gf outside the house. Those stories were also debunked by the very girl he was being accused of being with. Wonder “who” is purposely trying to do this.”

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