Superstar Salman Khan asks Asim Riaz to confess about his relationship outside the house of Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 is amazing and full of different twist each day. We will be seeing Superstar Salman Khan the host of the show taking class of Asim Riaz. As Asim is showing up love for Himanshi.

Salman Khan schools Asim Riaz
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The channel shares the promo of the show of today’s episode. Salman Khan is asking Asim Riaz to confess his love. To which Asim says he has confessed his feelings for Himanshi Khurana. He adds that Himanshi is not giving him an attention and he is looks up like a fool. To which the host superstar Salman Khan replies, ‘It’s f***ing irritating”.

Salman Khan asks Asim if he has broken or not. To which Asim says that he will fix everything once he goes out of the house. To which Salman Khan replies that he comes to know that he has broken up outside then he will come inside and kick his a**.

Himanshi Khurana speaks with Asim Riaz

In the previous episode we could see Himanshi speaking with Asim about why she is hesitating to confess her feelings for him in the house. She says that people who are close to Asim are warning her. Himanshi adds up that even Shehnaz says that Asim will change once he moves out of the house.

Himanshi enters the house to support Asim. She even gives him many details and information of her breakup with her boyfriend Chow.

Bigg Boss 13 is heading towards the finale episode of the show. It is going to be amazing to watch who wins the title of the winner of Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss 13 is a telecast of Colors TV and the show also airs up on digital media platform of Voot official. You can download the Voot app on your android devices from Google Play Store. For IOS devices you can download the app from App Store.

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