Yukti Thareja favourite contestant of the judges gets eliminated : Supermodel of the Year

Supermodel of the Year got its finalist of the season. All the contestants were put into a challenging task to make it to the top three. However it was just Manila Pardhan who made it to the finalist of the season.

Yukti Thareja gets eliminated from Supermodel of the Year
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Other contestant where sent to the survival battle to survive in the show. It is for the first time three of them in the survival battle. Yukti Thareja, Drisha More and Priya Singh were in the survival battle.

Yukti Thareja gets eliminated from The Supermodel of the Year.

It was really a tough day for Yukti Thareja as she gets eliminated from the show even after being the favourite contestants of the judges.

The very first task for the contestants were the model for a hair product. Every contestant went under a hairdo. There were lot many transformation in the looks of the contestants. The task was divide into three parts.

Firstly they had to click their pictures with this new look. Then they were ask to do TVC. After TVC contestant should walk the ramp. Only thing to be in highlight should be the hair. Model should flaunt her hair as the add is for the top brand Livon.

As everyone messed up in some or the section of the task. However Yukti wasn’t good in all the levels of the task. Also Yukti failed to show up in the survival battle. She was against the two contestants in the round. As they both do well Yukti got knocked out from the task. However judges weren’t so happy with the performance of all the contestants.

It was a really tough for all the judges as Yukti was very favourite contestant of all. Masaba one of the judge of the show adds that she cannot wait to start working with Yukti outside the show. Masaba even had many designer clothes where Yukti was her model.

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