Chef Kunal Kapoor Has New Show, Utsav : Thalis Of India

Celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor is bringing new  Show, based on the traditional food of the India. The show will telecast on the Living foods. kunal Kapoor will explore one of the best dishes from the India. Along with the stories behind the dishes, with the new show”Utsav: Thalis of India”.  Basically, Thali is multi-coursed feast served on the single plate.

While talking about the show, he said ”  During the course  Shoot, I have had a fortune of experiencing some of the great food legacies in India. And a tradition that has passed through generations.  By exploring some of the amazing cities across India”. He did mention that” viewer will fill with a ride for an Indian regional cuisine. After watching this show.

Utsav: Thalis Of India

As an India has back of rich culinary heritage. And diverse taste.The show will take viewers through the journey of finding out the best food across India. The features 18 cities of the India.

in the sho Cheif which travel through different cities. and reveals interesting facts about the locality living there, their food, their culture. Which makes our country colorful. he visits their local markets, temple, common homes. so, he visits local places of the region. to explore their vibrant culture. their food techniques. and thalis.

Chef Kunal Kapoor is ready to explore best Utsav: Thalis Of India

The show focuses on the thali. Because Thali shows a beautiful combination of the regions. thali is the reflection of the culture of the region. and people living there.

On this season, chef Kunal Kapoor prepares grand thali best on his travel dairy across India. Thie thali will be a combination of the most delicious dishes.  he explored during the traveling .while, this thali will be curated for an esteem chiefs authors and restaurant.

Utsav: The thali will celebrate the regional food of the India.

The show is starting From 16th October 2017.


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