10 interesting facts about Remo D’souza

Remo D’souza is  one of the biggest names in  Bollywood industry. Remo D’souza is one of the best choreographers in industry. He has choreographed numbers of record-breaking songs in Bollywood. With constant hard work and honesty,  he has achieved everything in his life.

Many struggling dancers are idolizing him.  remo Dsouza completely changed his destiny with loyalty towards his goal. he have openly shared his past, struggling days with his fans. Remo Dsouza’s  success story can inspire million people. But there are many facts about him, that very few people know. so, here is the list of 10 unknown facts about him.

Remo D'souza 10 unknown facts

10 unknown facts about Remo D’souza

1)Remo  D’Souza is born in Bengaluru. And he grew up in the Jamnagar, Gujarat.

2)Remo D’souza’s real name is Ramesh Gopi.

3)Remo Dsouza used to help his mother in doing chaos. he even helps his mother in  washing dishes, polishing shoes of the officers in airforce station.

4)Remo Dsouza has worked in the bakery shop,  ration shop, and cycle puncture shop. he have did many jobs in order to help his family financially.

5)during his childhood, Remo Dsouza was interested in sports. he was a champion in the 100-meter sprint.

6)he was about to get black belt in karate. during that he came to know about  Micheal Jackson. since then he used to practice dance steps by watching Michael Jackson’s moves regularly.

7) he never took any professional training in dance.  but, he idolized Michael Jackson.

8) After completing his schooling in Gujarat. Remo D’souza moved in Mumbai in search for dancing career. then he opened dance class called super brats at Charni road, with only four students initially. in struggling days, he used to sleep at Bandra station.

9) 1995 he got his first job in Bollywood industry.  he used to work as an assistant for choreographer Ahmad Khan for Rangeela movie.

10) in his early days in Bollywood, he was also worked as a background dancer in many films.

besides being popular for the best choreography, Remo Dsouza is also known  as best director.  Remo Dsouza has directed ABCD1 and ABCD2 movies. and next he will also direct most awaited movie the race 3. despite being successful and popular, Remo is still a kind-hearted person. Hope he will achieve more and more in his life.

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