Zee TV is bringing brand new TV show ‘Pro music Countdown’

Zee TV is bringing brand new TV show on screen very soon. This exclusive TV show on ZEE TV titled as Pro music countdown. The TV show will host by Siddharth Kannan. So check out complete details below. And find out more information related to the Zee TV Promusic Countdown Start Date 2019, Host, Broadcasting Details.

Zee TV has already broadcasted many entertaining TV shows. But this time the channel is coming up with a completely unique TV show. This TV show will be in a non-fiction category. The TV show will be on screen in a few days.

Zee TV Promusic Countdown Start Date 2019, Host, Broadcasting Details

Promusic Countdown host and concept

Zee TV upcoming TV show Promusic countdown. the TV show will feature trending songs of the week. While will also feature a song that has the potential to break Charts. Not only this but popular celebrities from the Bollywood industry will be also part of the show.

celebrities will have a conversation with a host Siddharth Kannan. He will introduce and chat with a celebrity guest on the show. while he will also play the top 20 songs of the week.

Song, which is on the place 20 to 5 will be played between several segments. And it top 4 songs will be played before the final segment. And the first song of this list will be played at the end of the episode. Zee TV Promusic countdown will have many segments.

The celebrity guest and host will play plenty of games. The TV show will feature 5 segments. Viewers are going to get the top music of the week. While they will also get to know the gossips of the Bollywood world.

Zee TV Promusic Countdown Start Date

India’s one and only music countdown show will be premiered on the 24th of November. The TV show will broadcast at every Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

  • Start Date: 24th November 2019
  • Day: Every Sunday
  • Time: 6 PM IST
  • TV Channel: Zee TV
  • Online:

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