Maharashtracha Favorite Dancer winner Name, Runner-up and Prizes

Maharashtracha Favorite Dancer winner Name: Sony Marathi is newly launched Marathi dance television reality show Maharashtracha favourite dancer will soon have Grand Finale. The dancing reality show got a huge positive response from audience and critics. The first season of the show was very popular among television lovers.

The dancing reality shows Maharashtracha favourite dancer featured some of the popular Marathi celebrity faces as participants. Marathi actors such as Abhijeet Khandekar, Mitali Mayekar, abhidnya Bhave, Neha Chauhan and many more featured in the show. The dance reality show will soon have their grand finale.

Here are the complete details about Sony Marathi Maharashtracha favourite dancer. Also, check out the winner of the first season of the dancing reality show. And find out more details such as runner-up and prize money of the show.


The dancing reality television show will have their Grand Finale on the 9th October. The finalist of the Maharashtracha favourite dancers has already announced. And it will be interesting to see which celebrity will be crowned as the winner.

Maharashtracha Super Dancer was judged by Rahul Shetty, choreographer Mini Pradhan, and Omkar Shinde. while Supriya Pilgaonkar was the super judge of the show. And popular Marathi actress spruha Joshi is hosting the dancing television reality show.

Maharashtracha Favorite Dancer winner Name, Runner-up and Prizes

Abhjit Thakur is the winner of the show. He wins winning trophy and Prize Money. Rohan Gujar emerged as the 1st runner-up whereas Sneha Chavan became the second runner-up Siddharth Khirid, Sneha Chavan, Rohan Gujar, and Abhijit Thakur were the four finalists of the show.

Sony Marathi maharashtracha favourite dancer show was started on the 20th of August. And now after many entertaining and mesmerizing performances, the dancing television reality show is all set for its final episode. So, Winner of the show will announce on the Grand Finale. While more information related to winning prize money and runner-up of the show will update later.

Sony Marathi Maharashtracha Favorite Dancer Finalist name

Abhidnya Bhave
Sidďharth Khirid
Sneha Chavan
Rohan Gujar
Abhijit Thakur

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