Sony Marathi Singing Star: Check out the contestant’s list

Sony Marathi is coming up with a brand new singing television reality show Singing Star. The singing television reality show will have a completely unique and very interesting format. Singing Star Marathi 2020 Some Contestants are out.

The promo of the show is receiving a huge amount of positive response from fans. Television lovers are looking forward to watching this television reality show. The names of the contestants of the Singing Stars are out now. So check out the list of contestants of Sony Marathi Singing Star.

Singing Star Marathi 2020 Some Contestants are out

Sony Marathi Singing Star will host by popular Television actress Hruta Durugule. She was part Zee Yuva’s hit TV show ‘Phulpakhru’. The actress will be debuting as the host in the TV industry.

It was already expected, that the ‘Singing Star will have celebrity contestants. But here comes the twists. The tv show will feature talented actors and actresses as contestants. Yes! This time we will see our favourite tv actors as a singer.

In the recent promo of Sony Marathi s
‘Singing Star’ Sankarshan Karade is featured. In the new promo, he introduces himself with his mentor Ketaki Bhave.

Sankarshan Karade doesn’t need any introduction is all-rounder actor of Marathi film industry. He has acted and hosted many TV shows. While he also writes poems. Now he is all set to start his new journey.

The TV show will also feature Astad Kale as contestants. He was part of Bigg Boss Marathi season 2. While Savani Ravindra is his mentor.

Yashoman Apte is also part of this TV show. Sharayu Date is his mentor.

Names of the rest of the contestants of the show will update on the page after the official confirmation.

  • Yashomna Aapte- Sharayu Date
  • Assad Kale- Savani Ravindra
  • Sankarshan Karade- Ketaki Bhave

While popular musicians are on the judging panel of Singing Star. Multi-talented actor Prashant Damle, director and music composer Saleel Kulkarni, talented singer Bela Shende will judge this TV show.

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