Indian Idol 10: Salim and Suleman are fanboying over this Indian Idol contestant

Ace talented and spunky composer duo of the music industry Salim Sulaiman has recently joined the Indian Idol season 10th’s judging panel. currently, the show is featuring Vishal Dadlani challenge is really going to be rocking one. Vishal will be performing the duet songs with each of the top contestants on some of his hit numbers like ‘Bin Tere’, Kurban Hua, Ishq Sufiyan and More.

Salim and Suleman are fanboying over this Indian Idol 10 contestant

Contestant Salman Ali Khan from Haariyana is winning the heart of the nation. Fans are going crazy over Salaman Ali Khan with his magnificent performances every week. He has created a strong fan base. Adding to ever interesting fan list is a composer duo Salim and Suleman merchant. Salman Ali gave an amazing performance with Vishal Dadlani on Dilhara. Judges and the guest were so amazed by the performance.

Indian Idol 10 contestant

Salim and Suleman were visibly excited to watch Salman Ali Khan’s performance on the sets and enjoyed it to the fullest. They were eagerly waiting to come on the show and even requested him to sing one of their songs.

Salman merchant says Salman Ali’s performance was mind-blowing. Actually, I and Suleman wanted to come on the set of the Indian Idol season 10 long time ago. Especially to watch Salman Khan’s performance. I watched the show regularly. And some of this performance touched my heart.

And we both are delighted come here and watch him perform live. Blessing from my heart for Salman. And I am sure he will spread more happiness in this world in this music and singing. Finally, both of them were able to watch their favorite singer performing.

Recently Indian Idol season 10th wherein teh news.  Anu Malik is no more part of the show. as he was told to step down from his position. due to his latest controversy.

So, stay tuned for more updates related to Indian Idol. Watch Indian Idol on sony tv and sony live’s official platform.

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