Javed Ali To Sing a Song For Sony Tv’s ‘Mere Sai’

Mere Sai, Shraddha aur saburi is an Indian Hindi television series which is premiere on Sony TV. The TV show was started on 25th September 2017. the TV show stars Abeer Sufi in the lead role. Along with Toral Rasputra, Tarun Khanna and Vaibhav mangle in supportive roles.

The popular TV show is created by Aparna Padgaonkar. while it is directed by Sachin P Ambre and Harshal Agarwal. The TV show is produced by Dashami Creations.

Javed Ali To Sin Song For Sony Tv’s ‘Mere Sai Serial’

Singer Javed Ali has lent his voice to a song that will be part of the Tv show’ mere sai’. ‘It is a proud moment for me to sing a song for the show like mere sai, Javed said in a statement.

he continued” the song is amazing and it is the first time that I m singing a Sufi kind f song for the television show. While sharing the more information about the song he said” they approached me for this particular song.

He told me the concept of the song about the show. After Briefing, I completely understood the manner in which I had to sing this special song. “whenever Sai Baba’s name is uttered, it sounds spiritual. it is a situational song, where people think that sai baba will come back again from his samadhi”, he added.

sony tv’s mere sai is quite well received by the television lovers. According to reports Anu Malik and Indian dol fame, Nitin Kumar has been also roped in for the Mre Sai.  The fabulous singers will be singing a song for the famous TV show.

The TV show is well received by the audience and television lovers.  You can also watch this TV show online. Sony lives official platform will provide the telecast of this show. You can download the Sony live app or visits website to see this interesting TV show.

Stay tuned for more updates related to the TV show.

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