Sony TV Vighna Harta Ganesh 2018 Cast, Wiki, Live Broadcasting Details

The Vighna Harta Ganesh is an Indian mythological tv show. the tv show is telecasted on the sony tv. And the Vighna Harta Ganesha was started in 2017 on the Sony network.  The show is created by Abhimanyu Singh. While the tv show was produced under the banner of Contiloe pictures PVT Ltd.  Sont television is known for their quality content production.  The channel has released many popular television shows such as CID, crime petrol, and Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi.  Sony channel is very popular in Indian television industry the channel is known for their variety of content and variety of genres. many fans gave supporters their mythological show. so, here are  the complete details of the  Vighna Harta Ganesh 2018 ( so such as Cast, Wiki, Live Broadcasting Details and more )

the mythological  Television show reveals some untold facts about God  Ganesha. God  Ganesha is favorite of every generation people. people loved to watch the story of god Ganesh on screen. The tv show has to go huge positive response from people.  Vighna Harta Ganesha stars at 8 PM on Monday to Friday. the television show is so popular that it has been dubbed into the languages.  The Vighna Harta Ganesha is also dubbed in Tamil language and it was broadcasted on the  Sun Tv. and it was also dubbed into Malayalam language and it was broadcasted on the  Surya Tv.

Sony TV Vighna Harta Ganesh 2018 Cast

Shiva’s family

  •  Uzair Basar as Lord Ganesha
  •  Akanksha Puri as Parvati
  •  Malkhan Singh as Shiva
  •  Basant Bhatt as Kartikeya

Vishnu’s family

  • Rahul Sharma / Kuldeep Singh as Vishn
  •  Anshu Malik as Lakshmi

Brahma’s family

  •  Preetika Chauhan as Saraswati
  •  Digvijay Purohit as Brahma
  • Anand Goradia as Narada


  •  Meer Ali as Indra
  • Vikas Salgotra as Vayu
  •  Viren Singh
  • Tushar Chawla as Varu
  • Lala Tiger as Agni
  • Riyanka Chanda as Chandra’s Wife/ Goddess Rohini
  • Aishwarya Raj as Sandhya
  • Sonia Sharma as Shachi


  •  Chirag Jani as Sindhura
  •  Rajesh Khera as Mushikasura
  •  Nirbhay Wadhwa as Mahishas
  • Vinit Kakar as Gajmukhasur/Andhakasura

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