Who will win Super Dancer Season 3 in 2019: Top 10 Super Dancer Name

Super Dancer is one of the top dance television reality show on an Indian television network. The third season of the show is getting love from all dance lovers. Super Dancer season is featuring one of the most talented kids.

The third season of the show has already set standards for other dance television reality shows.

Here is a list of contestants of the super Dancer chapter 3. Check out complete information below.

Super Dancer Season 3 Winner in 2019: Top 10 Super Dancer Name

Rithvik Dhanjani and Paritosh triparty are hosting the show for constantly for three seasons. While the show is judged by Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty, Bollywood choreographer Geeta Kapoor, and Bollywood director Anurag Basu.

Who will win Super Dancer Season 3 in 2019: Top 10 Contestants

Gaurav Sarwan, Nikhil Baghel, Saksham Verma, Debrati Rana, Rukhsar, Devika Nair, Dhairya Tandon, Akshit Bhandari, Avastha Thapa, Supriya Shrivastava, Tejas Verma, Jayesh Verma, Jayashree Go goi are top contestants of the super dance chapter 3.

Basically, top contestants of the show have gone from the various rounds of auditions. After facing tough challenges, talented kids have entered in the show.

Each contestant of the show will have one of the best choreographers to accompany. The contestants and choreographer pair will compete often.

The choreographer will mentor the contestants and finally the pair with high votes from the audience and the higher points from judges will win the show.

The choreographer of the show will mentor contestants throughout the journey. Contestants who will get higher points and votes from the judges and audience will be announced as the winner of the show.

More information related to the super Dance chapter 3 will update on the page very soon. So, amke sure you stay tuned here to get all latest updates related to the tv show.

The telecast of the Super Dance chapter 3 will be available online. Sony live’s official website and app will provide the online telecast of the show. you can also download sony live’s app from the google play store.

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