Watch Rubaru Roshni on Start Plus: Start, Host, Schedule

Rubaru Roshni is Aamir Khan’s and Kiran’s new project. It will release on Republic Day on Star Plus and Hotstar. The film is directed by Swati Chaturvedi Bhatkal. While it is presented by Aamir Khan films.

Rubaru Roshni

The film will aired Star Plus on 26th January 2018. it will be presented by Amir Khan Production. Earlier Aamir Khan announced this news on social media. He also stated that Aamir Khan productions next project is set to premiere on Republic Day on Star Plus at 11:00 Am.

Rubaru Roshni Episode on Start Plus: Start, Host, Schedule, Broadcasting

He clarified that his next film is not new episode of Satyamev Jayate. In the end he also said that “Dil Pe Lagegi tabhi Baat Banegi” he invited the audience to join him to watch the film.

The title of Rubaru Roshni is taken from the lyrics of Rubaru. Which is written by Prasoon Joshi. And the song is composed by AR Rahman. It is from Amir Khan’s popular film Rang De Basanti. The film was released on 2006. Coincidentally his biggest hit Rang De Basanti was released on 26th Jan 2006.

The special project of Amir Khan will telecast on star plus. On the special occasion of the Republic day. It will air at 11 am. Viewers can also watch this film on Online for free of cost.

Hotstar’s official website and the app will provide the online telecast of the show. You can also download Hotstar’s official app from Google play store.

Amri Khan has released special video on star plus inviting his fans to joined him. In video he said” on Republic day what are you doing? I mean after the flag hosting. Because I have plan for you”.

” I would like to present a very special thing in front of you. No it’s not a new episode of Satyamev Jayate. But it touches the heart only then it will make sense. So let us meet on January 26th”.

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