Chimanrao Gundyabhau are back on TV: Check out Broadcasting Schedule

Chimanrao Gundyabhau is one of the oldest Marathi TV show. The TV show telecasted in 1977- 79. And now the oldest TV show is all set to turn on a small screen to entertain the viewer. check out complete details here and find out the broadcasting schedule of this TV show.

Chimanrao Gundyabhau is based on the book Chimanrao Gundyabhau, which is written by CV Joshi. The TV show schedule to return on-screen on 6th April. Fans will be able to catch the broadcast of this entertaining TV show on Sahyadri channel at 10:00 p.m. Sahyadri is free TV channel. While it Broadcasts news sports event , tv shows and hir movies.

The TV show featured Dilip prabhavalkar as Gundyabhau. while Bal Karve played the role of Gunday bhao. It also had Laxmikant Berde.

The TV showcased the strong bond between the Gunde Bhav and Chimangao. Both of these friends never agreed on each others thought. But they were best friends.

one of the popular actor Dilip prabhavalkar made his debut torn Marathi TV screen with this TV show.

Along with Chimanrao Gundyabhau, Raja Shiv Chatrapati, Jay Mallar, Ek Ghar mantarlela, Tula pahate are also back on screens.

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