Coronavirus: FIR Fame Mahika Sharma Stuck in the UK

during this coronavirus outbreak, one of the popular Television actress Mahika Sharma is stuck in the UK. Recently she shared her feelings with a popular entertainment source. check out the complete details below.

Mahika Sharma has acted in many hit tv shows. she is popularly known for her role in ‘FIR’. While she was also part of Ramayana. Currently, she is in self Quarantine alone in the UK. The actress said that she is scared, feeling lonely. She shared her thoughts about this situation with the sources.

Mahika Sharma said that In India during the 21-day lockdown, the air and environment in the country pamper everyone. It is good to be surrounded by your own people. It helps to feel relax and Boost Your energy. While in a foreign country it is extremely disturbing.

She also added that staying in London alone is very difficult. She is missing Indian food, as she is forced to have salad, fruit and juices.

Mahika Sharma also stated that these days have become nightmares. And it is not a good feeling, as she is very scared. she added that she is healthy. But reading and listening about the coronavirus are not good for her health.

Currently, she is worshipping Goddess Durga, reading Mantra, Shlokas and hopes to change the situations very soon.

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