Maya’s Evil side comes out when Vikram talks about killing Rudra: Beyhadh 2

Beyhadh 2 has a interesting story line. Which revolves around the story of love and revenge of Maya. In today’s episode we will be seeing Maya in her anger after Vikram plans to kills Rudra.

Maya will be bonding with Vikram to help her out in taking the revenge from the people who have ruined her life. Vikram agrees to do anything for her princess’s happiness. Maya then points out towards MJ. She asks Vikram to put him to death.

He agrees to Maya and tells he will put MJ to death. But later Vikram tells there is one more person who will die after everybody. To which Maya asks whom. Vikram replies Rudra.

Maya is shocked to hear it from Vikram and get really furious over him after she hears the plan.

It is really going tp be interesting to watch what will happen next in the story.

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