Rajesh Shringarpure is back with new TV show ‘Kahat Hanuman Hai Shri Ram’

One of the popular TV actor who is known for his mythological roles, Rajesh Shringarpure will be back on screen. He will be seen in Mythological TV show ‘Kahat Hanuman Hai Shri Ram’. Rajesh Shringarpure is known for playing iconic roles such as Lord Krishna, Arjun, Agnidev and many more. Check out complete details below.

Rajesh Shringarpure will be playing the role of Lord Shani in Kahat Hanuman Hai Shri Ram. He will be working in a mythological Show after the break of years.

He will play the role of Lord Shani in Kahat Hanuman Hai Shri Ram. According to sources, he also mentioned that he stayed away from the Genre for a while. Because he started getting similar offers. And he wanted to try a new character. But he took this show, as he always been in awe of Shani Dev, The god of Justice.

Kahan Hanuman Jay Shri Ram is a popular Hindi mythological show. The TV show is directed by Dharmesh Shah. While Alind Shrivastava is producing this TV show. The TV show is about the greatest devotee of Lord Rama- Hanuman. The plot of the story revolves around lord Hanuman’s bond with his mother Anjana and how he helps Lord Rama.

You can watch And TV’s Kahat Hanuman Hai Shri Ram on online. Zee 5’s official website and the app is providing the online broadcast of this TV show.

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