Rang Maza Vegla Fame Harshada Khanvilkar has message for her fans

Coronavirus has made an intense amount of impact on the world. People from all over the country are suffering emotionally. During these 21 days of lockdown, many celebrities have come forward and encourage their fans to contribute to the fight against Coronavirus.

celebrities have tried to spread positivity among their fans. Rang Maza vegla fame Harshada Khanvilkar also gave nice advise to her fans.

Harshada Khanvilkar is one of the popular Television actresse. She had also appeared in many popular movies also. Currently, she is playing the pivotal role in Rang Maza vegla. She is for portraying the character of Saundarya Imandar, that which has a grey shade.

Harshada Khanvilkar got a huge amount of popularity from one of the hit TV show Pudhcha Paul.

Harshada said “I have not especially taken up household work and cleaning clothes during the quarantine as I do that every day. People are doing so many videos on how they are spending their time”.

“But I am doing one different thing. I am calling my friends, cousins, relatives and talking to them. I tell you why because we have become more gadgets this day. And if we want to wish someone or do anything, we just type a message and send it to everyone. I want to change that habit of mine. I want to express my feelings with everyone. These are a stressful time and suddenly when someone speak to us, it makes us happy.

She told her fans to call their loved during this lockdown.

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