Anita Hassanandani Shares her Tik Tok video on her Instagram account

Anita Hassanandani is one of the popular actress of television industry. The actress is currently seen enjoying time with her husband during the quaratine.

Anita shares her Tik Tok video on her Instagram account. In video she dances on the popular Go Corona Go tune. She also does the lip-syncing with the tune in the video.

As it is a corona time the tune is quite popular and more of the Tik Tok videos are prepared on the same tune. We can say many Tik Tok people are making video on this tune.

Anita post this video on Instagram Captioning it, “No one can save me …Not even #TikTok himself!”. The video also has Anita’s husband Rohit Reddy . He is laughing at anita in the video.

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