Arshi Khan To Re-enter In The Big Boss House

Arshi Khan, the most popular and controversial contestant of the big boss to enter the house again.  She will assign the task to the final five contestants.And the contestant will have to torture each other as apart of the task.

housemates will be a shock to see she will assign a task to ea h member. Arshi then tells them that she has the task for each of them. So, according to task contestant have to be mean to each other. And then the meanest contestant will win the task.

punish who have apologized for Shilpa for screaming at her, will forget his friendship for the sake of task. And will torture her. while Shilpa will torture Vikas  Gupta.  even she also asks arshi that if she could slap Vikas dying the task.

it looks like that task is somewhat connected to there entry in the top four.  as the grand finale of the big boss is near, the competition in the house is severe. as top five contestants have gained huge amount o popularity . and it will be interesting to see which contestants will turn out to the winner.

with Luv Tyagi’s eviction big boss 11 have got there top five contestants. hina khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Akash Dadlani and punish Sharma are the top five contestants. there are many predictions over the winner of the 11th season of the big boss.  fans are excited and eager to see the grand finale of the show.

so, the grand finale of the 11th season of the show will telecast on the 11th January on colors television.

Apparently, the finalist contestants were out of the house, to ask vote from the audience.    no doubt they all have got a huge fan following.

Top five Contestants

  • Hina Khan
  • Shilpa Shinde
  • vikas Gupta
  • Puneesh Sharma
  • Akash Dadlani

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