Ashish Bhatia has a new song ‘Corona ka Asar’

Splitsvilla X2’s Ashish Bhatia is one of the favourite contestants of most of us. He has been a part of MTV Roadies. Recently Ashish shares a song ‘Corona ka Asar’. He shares this song to create more awareness about the Covid-19.

Ashish has shot this video in a very innovative way. To spread the awareness about the same. The story of the song is how desperately he wants to go out of house despite of lockdown.

Later his ego alters and he stays back at home only. and says it is better to be at home and safe.

His video ends at the song when he stops crying about the lockdown. And he spends quality time with his family and friends. Also he revives his hobbies.

Ashish has been a part of popular shows of television. Like MTV Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla X2. He has been one of the powerful contestants in both the shows.

Each one of the celebrity is trying to keep themselves busy during the lockdown period. Some are cooking some are working upon their hobbies and many more.

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