BBC to launch new Business programme from India

The BBC is launching a new business program. The television show will broadcast from the BB Delhi bureau. And it will air on both BB World service English (Radio) and BB world News (TV). The upcoming televsion show is tiled as WorklifeIndia. WorklifeIndia will start from the 9th of November at 9 PM.

The show will be half-hour weekly programme providing real-time conversation on the realities of modern life. it will Be Anchored from the Delhi studio, specially adapted for tv and radio. While the tv show will represent by he Divya Arya and Devina Guptaa.

It will tackle issues revolve around money, work, Family, business and finance for both south Asian audience ad global audience. The aim of the show is to offer a positive understanding of the changing factors that shape all our lives. The programme will then go daily in spring 2019. And will also available on podcast.

BBC WorklifeIndia Start Date

The programme will focus on key issues to extract global lessons from local issues

BBC to launch a new Business programme from India (WorkLifeIndia)

BBC Global News India CEO Naveen Jhunjhunwala said,” we are very excited to be collaborating with BB world service to bring this new programme to BBC world news.

Thanks to our special Delhi studio, Which is adapted for both Radio and TV.  particularly as Ipsos has just named the BBC as top international news brand in this week.

BBC Indian language head Rupa Jha said, “it is a programme about money and opportunity. But one that also about saving, spending and sharing what money can give. And recognize the daily reality of the world of huge opportunities and huge disparities”.

The programme will focus on key issues to extract global lessons from local issues. Guests and Panelists will be drawn from the business community, academics, and expert in Delhi and Mumbai.

The show will also leverage the wealth of the expertise and talent in the BBC’s bureaus. It will also draw on the business unit’s expertise and contacts in London, New York, Singapore and elsewhere.

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