Deepika Padukone replies to Varun Dhawan’s comment on her post

It is the second week of self- quarantine and we could Deepika Padukone giving us major working goals during the time.

As she is posting pictures of how productive she is. Deepika shares various pictures and videos of her being productive.

She titles her post as ” Productivity in the time of COVID- 19″.

To one of the post shared by Deepika Padukone, Varun Dhawan had a question for her. He writes, “Why you always in a night suit?” he asks her on her Saturday’s post.

To which Deepika replies him, “Varun Dhawan, coz then I can comfortably (“sleep” indicating with an emoji) anytime!”

Each and everyone is spending their week in a productive way as possible. Bollywood celebs are giving us the major productivity goals.

We can also see many celebrities are in the support of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision of Janta Curfew.

Deepika’s previous post was regarding her maintaining her skin care routine which she posted saying it as the episode 2 of Season 1.

She even cleaned her cupboard posting that picture on Instagram. She calls it as a episode 1 of Season 1

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