Gauri Arora Gets Eliminated From The MTV India’s Next Top Model Season 3?

Gaurav Arora made his first ever comeback on the show after his transformation.  Now, Gaurav Arora is known as Gauri Arora.  So, recently Gauri Arora participated in India’s next top model.  It must have taken a lot of courage to Gauri to participating in the show. After facing social allegations and so many trouble. Gauri participated in the show. Not only this, but she is one of the best contenders in the show. But, recent reports are saying that gauri will be eliminated from India’s next top model in the next episode.

Gauri Arora gave audition for India’s next top model season 3.  Which is been judge by Milind Soman, Dabu Ratna, Malika Arora and Neeraj gaba. The show is getting immense popularity these days. And all credit goes to their 18 contestants.  While giving audition Gauri shared her story with judges. And it was obvious that judges got emotional. And judges couldn’t help to applaud her courage.But Gauri also mentioned that she is still recovering. After going through major gender transformation surgery.  Maker respect gauri’s thought of participating in the show. But the show will have some certain tasks involving physical exertion.

when Gauri Arora got to know this, she said she had thought that her gender could be the problem.  To this host immediately clarified that she is not getting eliminated for her gender. Or her transformation surgery. But because initially, Gauri herself told judges that,  she still under recover process.  After all, she had major transformation surgury. And it will take the amount of time to recover.

After clarifying things, Gauri gracefully left the show.  By the time Gauri will soon recover from the surgery.And she will be much more able to do task easily. Although it was just one show. Gauri Arora will get the opportunity to do the new show soon.

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