Iconic TV Show Ramayan gets 170 Million viewers in just 4 days

One of the iconic TV show Ramayan has set Unbreakable record. The TV show has garnered the highest ever rating for a Hindi GEC Show since 2015. Check out complete details below.

In the outbreak of coronavirus, During the lockdown of 21 days, many televisions were demanded to telecast this show again to spread positivity among viewers. Also, many channels and makers of the show are not able to shoot the fresh episodes of the TV show. So the Ramayan has got a huge amount of love from fans.

Television lovers from the different age groups are enjoying their quarantine in time while watching this TV show

The TV show was relaunch on Saturday and in four days it has got a total of 170 million viewers. On the first day, In Saturday morning, the tv show had 34 million viewers. While in the evening, they had a total of 45 million viewers. The TV show has proved that it is one of the powerful shows that ever broadcasted on an Indian television network.

Along with Ramayan many old and popular TV shows have made come back on the TV screen. Fans really happy to watch this TV show and reminiscing their old good days.

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