Kapil Sharma is Most Searched Celebrity in Indian cyber Cell

Kapil Sharma is on the top of most suspicious celebrity online. while Salman Khan is at number 2.  And Amir Khan got 3rd place. The survey was conducted by McAfee security. McAfee is the antivirus application. which protects the computer from Virus and different harmful software. McAfee works for windows, macs and Linux system. every year McAfee conduct this survey.

Kapil Sharma is first Indian comedian. who got first place on the list. he beats even  Salman and amir khan.while, Priyanka Chopra has got 4th place in the list.

while talking to sources, Mcafee said Cybercriminals are well known with the Celebrity and fan relation. they use fan affection towards celebrity, for their evil use.  this cybercriminal wants to get customers personal information. From insecure websites. by using these suspicious websites. cybercriminals can get customers personal details, bank details, and even passwords.

In the 11th edition of Mcafee reports, Kapil Sharma has 9.58 percent chance getting enter on the Malicious Websites. While Salman Khan has 9.03 percent and amir khan have 8.89 percent chances of being dangerous search on the web. Priyanka Chopra has 8.75 percent risk.

Not only this, but other stars also are part of this list. Anushka Sharma,  Ranveer Singh, Kangana Ranaut, Tiger Shroff are involved in the tally.

Venkat Krishnapur the head  R&D department of  Mcafee. he told sources that,” the consumer should think twice before using some sites. the consumer should stay safe online. while using browsing web.

technology has developed a lot.  in this generation, the gap between celebrities and their fan has demolished. Fans always want to know about their favorite icons.  for this, there is a huge amount of data created by the number of websites. Fans and other consumers should take caution before clicking on the specific link.

Mcafee is putting great efforts to aware web user about cyber crimes.

  1. Ashutosh Nirbhay October 12, 2017 / Reply
  2. Ashutosh Nirbhay October 12, 2017 / Reply

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