Kim Kardashian wants to bring her reality show in India

kim Kardashian is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. The American reality tv star, entrepreneur, and model is in love with the Indian jewelry and desi attire. kim hopes to bring her popular show keeping with Kardashian on Indian television. Recently Kim Kardashian did a photo shoot with Vogue India. The star was wearing beautiful lehenga and along with heavy earnings.  The reality television star loves the desi attire and Indian jewelry. Not only this, but she is keen to bring her reality show in Indian for her fans.

keeping with Kardashian to air on India television network.

kim Kardashian talks about her love for India with the Vogue India magazine of March 2018 edition. In conversation with the  Mira Jacob, she said, “the Saaris, jewelry, and the clothes everything was so beautiful”.   kim said, ” I told my show that we have to figure out how to get to India”.

kim continued that she always thought that she was just going to run her clothing store.

“I didn’t think that the show will go beyond the season one or two.  And then as things were happening my mom and I was so excited.  We didn’t even know what we were starting, but we knew were in it together. We definitely made so many mistakes. At first, we would be involved in anything. But it helps us work our way up to now.  to launch a beauty brand by myself and funding it all”, she said.

what piece of advice you would give to young women entrepreneur she was asked.

“don’t give your name away. Stand your ground on being an owner in your company.  This is something that I have heard from y husband (Kanye West) all the time. I did it all wrong way a first.  Or not wrong but I have never had that confidence that my husband had. And it had paid off him in the end”.

kim Kardashian has over 100 million followers on Instagram. Now it will be interesting to see her reality show keeping with Kardashian on Indian television network.  Currently, the 14th season of the show is running on.  The show has been running for many years. so,  many fans are looking forward to watch this reality show.

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