Mahira Sharma shares few pictures with Rashami Desai from the ‘tedha’ house: Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 house has many memories for everyone. Some of them found love of their life, some of them found friends and many more.

Mahira and Rashami shared a few moments of friendship on the show in the initial days of the show. However, the bond between them started get worst in the later stage of the show. They have had one of the ugliest fights on the show.

During the show Bigg Boss 13 we have seen Mahira Sharma yelling at Rashami Desai and saying ‘I hate her’. However, after the show ended the two actresses were again sharing few good moments. They both let the past go off and it was a part of show and ended up hugging each other.

Before fights the two shared a wonderful friend bond among each other. And it seems that the two are missing the bond between them.

As we could see that Mahira Sharma posts few of her pictures with Rashami Desai from the ‘tedha’ house. The collage which Mahira shares has herself lying on Rashami’s shoulder. Also Rashami Desai tying her hair. As she shares these pictures it shows the bond which they has between them.

Mahira Sharma shares few pictures with Rashami Desai on her Instagram story

Mahira Sharma shares this picture on her Instagram handle. Where just puts an emoji of heart to the post. The two are looking very cute with each other sharing the cutest moments. Mahira shares these memories on the Instagram story of hers.

Image Source: Instagram

Rashami does gives her the re-post to the picture Mahira shares on her Instagram handle. As she very well knows how to keep things in track and also sort the things between them.

Rashami Desai is currently working in Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural drama Naagin. Which is one of the hit shows on the Indian television network. The way Rashami Desai matches to her character in the show is something to look upon.

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