Milind Soman Will Host New Show To Motivate People To Stop smoking

Milind Soman is all set to the host new show on BBC. The top model is currently hosting Indias next top model show. No doubt he is making waves in the show. so, the show is helmed by BBC India.  And according to reports, this upcoming show will launch in December. Through the show makers will emphasis on the negative effects of smoking.

The show will feature contestants treading up to the base camp of Everest in pairs.  From the pairs,  one contestant will be a smoker. And another contestant will be someone who has already quit smoking. A contestant has to motivate another contestant to quit smoking. The show will feature journey of quitting smoking.  Also, the show will have many tasks. tasks will be related to physical and mental strength. they will show the strength and weakness of the contestant. the show will launch on Viu.

The show will be reality-based. That will feature journey of contestants.  Although we have various type of adventure shows.  This would be the first time that smoking has included as an important core of the show.   according to reports,  the show will not only feature the journey of climbing on Everest. it will compare the energy, food, mood, and health of the smoke and nonsmoker.  It is very special and different show. it will definitely spread awareness about the side effects of the smoking. And help a lot of people to get better health.

The team has already shot some sequence. And it is ready to premiere somewhere in the next month. Milind, who was quite an active smoker back in days. it took more than 3 years to quit smoking. So, that he focused more on his health and his running stint. he seems the appropriate choice to host this show. as during the show, his experiences and advice will help the contestants.

Stay tuned for more update.

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