Pokemon Go Update- Gen3 Pokemon to release Soon

Pokemon go is Location-based game. And free to play. the game is developed by Niantic company. Pokemon Gop is available on Ios and Android too.  basically, this game uses more paly GPS device. To locate, capture and train the Pokemon. this virtual animal appears on the screen as if they are in the real world.  This game also supports app in purchase system. to avail some extra service.

pokemon go Was released in July 2016. in Selected Countries. The game was released with mixed reviews. The concept of the game is really appreciable. but Pokemon Go got black lash from the critics. despite, of major criticism” poke go created unbreakable records. In 2016,  the app was downloaded by more than 500 millions people.   The game was based on popularizing location phenomenon with the combination of reality technology. Promoting physical activity.

Pokemon Go Update

The game cause lot of foot traffic.  the various government was claimed that game is not secured. because people were engaged in lot accident while playing.  But,  Pokemon Go has still is loved by all people.

in a recent interview with John Hanke, Ceo Of the Niantic company.He told the publication that game will soon update with new Pokemon generation.he added that there are a lot of Pokemon that have not be introduced in the game.

While many fans have already discovered new Generation in various game files.  But, new updates suggest that everything placed for only for a forthcoming release.

A Pokemon Go team told sources that” recent Pokemon gen will join the game in Halloween. as the Halloween time is special for the Pokemon go.

GEn 3 Pokemon Includes :

Shuppet, Bunnet, Mega Bunnet, Duskskull, dusclops which the best selection for the Halloween season.

one Pokemon will not join this team named as “Oh-Ho”. Confirmed by the team of the company.

The new Legendary raid will launch with New Gen3 Pokemon will launch in Halloween.

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