Who is the best comedian in the Bollywood?

Comedy is one of the popular genre and evergreen in the Indian film industry. Our Bollywood movies are incomplete without the perfect punch of comedy. For some reasons, this comedian and comedy have been an essential part of the India film industry. As eventually, they carried the burden of the whole film on their shoulders.

The Indian film industry is blessed to have many talented comedians. They have never failed to make people laugh with there perfect comic timing. Apart from the emotional hype, they are also very important on making box office collections. Comedy has been most important part of the  Indian film right from the history of the cinemas.

There are so many talented and evergreen comedians in the Indian film industry able to make people laugh.  So, some of the great comedians in Indian films are, Paresh Rawal,  Johny Lever,  Rajpal Yadav Kadar Khan and Boman Irani.  Jonny Walker, Mehmood  Kishore Kumar, and Asrani.

Best comedian in the Bollywood

Best Comedians in the film industry :

Mehmood: Mehmood will be regarded as one of the best comedians in the history of Indian films.  his extraordinary comic timings and natural acting was a strength to top of it. meh, good was also good at dancing.  and has amazingly funny looks.  he never failed to make people laugh. he could laugh and make others laugh. even if personally in real life he had some adverse situation.

his was a classic comedian and known for his role in the movie Padosan.

Jhonny Lever :

his real name is John Prakasa Rao Janumala.  jhonny lever has acted in around 350 movies.  he has managed to win the number of Awards based on this perfect comedy timing. his comic role has made people laugh endlessly.  currently, he is the president of the cine and television artist association and mimicry artist association Mumbai.

while there are many comedians who have left strong impressions on the audience. Prakash ravel comic role in the movie Hera Pheri was remarkable.

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