Sai Tamhankar To Perform action sequences in Zee5’s Webseries Titled as ‘Date With Saie’

Sai Tamhankar is one of the most popular actresses in Marathi television network. She has also done a remarkable job in Bollywood films. Now the actress will soon start her new journey very soon. She will be seeing in the upcoming Zee5’s original series. Her upcoming Zee5’s original series is titled as ‘Date With Saie’. Here are complete details about the show. also, check out complete information below.

This upcoming series of the Zee5 original is titled as ‘Date With Saie’. The web series will be directed by Dyanesh zoting, the series not only boast of a powerful narrative. The series will be feature Sai in a never seen Avtar before. The actress has performed several action sequences by herself for the show. This will be very first time hat the sai will be doing action sequences.

In the whole series, you will see Sai jumping from a balcony to balcony. Another sho of her fighting out in a moving train. And one of the most thrilling shot which will literally give you chills will be shot at a height of 50 ft.

Date With Saie

Impressed by sai’s hard work for the web series and her commitment, director Dyanesh Zoting Saaid” While narrating the script to Sai, We told her that we have body doubles in place. But she was adamant and determining on performing the stunt herself. All the action sequences have turned out to be a success. And we are amazed by her dedication”.

Sai Tamnhakar is also Very excited for her upcoming project. As her fans will get to see her in a completely different look. she is entering into a completely different genre. sharing her excitement for the show she said” the script looked extremely interesting to me and I wishfully agreed to perform most of the action sequences myself.

It was challenging for sure, but exciting at the same time. I trusted the team completely wheater it was Dynesh or our action director, Salman. I am looking forward to the audience response. can’t wait for the 5th December when a ‘Date with Saie’ premieres on Zee5.

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