Parth Samanthan to Visit Vikas Gupta’s Ace of Space

The show of the Ace talks about the survival fittest and after a recent elimination, the contestants are ready to welcome new guest in the house. The new guest in the house is none other than popular television celebrity Parth Samanthan.

Post Nia Sharma’s visite it is time for a handsome hunk and heartthrob of India Parth Samanthan is all set to enter in the Ace of space house. The Kasautti Zindagi Kay 2 actor will stay in the house with housemates for a day.

According to sources, Parth will bring some fun in the house with his talent and charming personality. As a major surprise to the contestants, Parth will also announce the wild card entry in the house.

Ace of Space

Ace of Space is currently making a huge buzz around the entertainment industry for the love triangle between Divya Agarwal, Varun Sood, and Chetna. Recently Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal breakups also made a headline. Divya took to Twitter and accused him of cheating on her.

About MTV Ace Of Space

The tv show will test the patient an behavior of all contestant with playing their mind. And try to manipulate them. the contestant of the show will have to stay in a limited space.

The participants in the show will have to face tough condition and situation. The participants of the show will either earned fame. Or either they will lose their name through the television reality show.

The TV reality show featured lavish house away from the monotony of the world. With all luxury surrounding, you are a sight we all dream of. But no story ends without a dramatic twist! with just a blink of the eye and one wrong move, the room suddenly squeezes down tp unimaginably small size and survival begins.

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