Big Boss 12: Shrishty Rode eliminated from the house, Reveals her Journey on the show

Big Boss 12 contestant Shrishty Rode got evicted last night. She was one of the most gorgeous contestants of the show this season. She made much of headlines, credit goes to her dressing sense and her friendship with her early eviction. Her friend Rohit is disappointed by her early eviction. In an exclusive interview with sources, television actress opened up about her journey. Check out complete information below.

Big Boss 12, Shrishty Rode eliminated from the house, Opens up about her journey in the house

When she was asked about her she said” “Yes, it’s quite disappointing. I was getting better on the show. And think I could have gone a little ahead. Everyone in the family and friends is very happy about, how I was in the house.

And everybody is shocked that I am out of the show so soon. My fans, supporter, family and friends and lot of people from the media, they were not expecting me to get out so early”.

When she was asked about who deserves to get evicted from the house she said” Jaseen Mathur deserves to be out. She is just been fighting on the show and has nothing else to contribute. Somi also I feel weak.

Megha has gone completely wrong in the game because of what happened recently. Rohit’s game is getting better, but I don’t think he was strong as me”

During her 10 week stay in the house, the actress has never got along with fellow actor and contestant Deepika Kakkar. On being asked about the reason behind it she said”I never got warmth from her honestly. She has behaved very cold with me always. I tried to be friends with her, but she was never being friendly.

Shrishty got along with everyone in the house and maintains. But she mentioned she can’t be friends with the Deepika and Jasleen after Show.

She has also mentioned top two contestants of the show according to her opinion. She told Karnvi Bohra and Surbhi Rana her top 2 favorite contestants. Stay tuned for more updates related to your television show.

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