Big Boss Season 11, 5 October: Highlight,Tasks, Shilpa and Vikas Gupta fight continuously

Big Boss 11th, 5th October’s episode started with the fight of Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta Vikas Gupta said that, Shivani abused his mother while singing the song. She denied the blame of Vikas Gupta. during their fight, Hina Khan showed her support to Vikas Gupta .she even gave advice to Shivani Shinde that she should say sorry to Vikas Gupta.

While Vikas Gupta was completely unhappy with Shilpa Gupta. he decided to irritate her. When Shilpa Shinde was sleeping, he disturbed her by banging the utensils. And again Heena Khan joined him. Hina was also banging utensils to disturb Shilpa Shinde

After this fight, contestants saw Sshivani Durga in ghostly, uncanny weird pose. outside of the house punit, Priyank, and band Karla was cracking a joke about the Shivani Durga. they said that Shivani Durga is trying to lift Shivani in the air by staring at her.

Meanwhile, Hitesh Tejwani was requesting to think back over about including sshivani in the game. In the Contestants start their day by jamming on Gulaboo song.Later sshivani had emotional crash out. because puneesh  Sharma was spreading very unpleasant comments about her.

As move forward, big boss continues the luxury gharwale vs padosis . shilpa Shinde was describing the task. Heena had some doubts so she wanted to recheck from the big boss. Shilpa was annoyed by her.she told her if she wants to know anything she can ask her.  she will read again for her.they start arguing which didn’t end up in the positive result

Hina Khan, Puneesh, and Arshi were selected for the task . in the task nahina would be blindfolded.she had to catch three chicken from he wooden hedge . while puneesh and arshi were directing her. the team completes heir ask in time limit which was fixed by the padosis MehjabeenSiddiquii, Sabyasachi Satpathy, luv Tyagi and Lucinda Nicolas.

Ahead the next task was given o Priyank Sharma, Jyoti Kumar, and Sapna Chaudhari. the contestants were asked to teach to talking parrot one line. the line must be criticising each contestant.  the team failed in performing ask.

In the last, big boss alotted activity to Hitesh Tejwani, Shilpa Shinde, and Vikas Gupta. the activity was final segment of the task. the first contestants were asked to identify the animal on the front of them. shilpa Shinde back out without even trying. Later Heena, Hiten, and other house member decide  Shilpa as a poor performer. so, she would not consider for any luxuries.

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Broadcasting channel: colors TV

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