Big Boss Season11 Jallad, All you need to know about

Big Boss is the no.1 show of the Indian television industry. This show is a most viewed reality show in India hosted by the very famous Salman Khan. The show has already started and created the buzz in very few days. Everyone who is involved in the famous reality show gets public attention including every member the most low key character also get praised a lot. and the member is none other than very famou JALLAD. Jallad aka Chintan Gangar.

Chintan gangar is 51 years old hung. who has been getting praises by all the tv viewer? he never failed to entertain  us. in his recent interview, he said that he so thankful to the big boss and the Salman Khan for giving him opportunity continuously 5 years. he also mentions that the reason behind his success is only Salman Khan.  salman khan and Chintan gagar share some positive and happy boy on-screen and off-screen. he also told sources ” being in big boss changed his life. he said that he completely got changed after joining big boss. he mentions that big boss is the most beautiful  U-turn of his life.he also mention that his first film Gujarati film will release soon naming Gujarati Wedding In Goa.

he said that he has almost become a star it is like living in a beautiful dream. he also mentioned that he has bunches of fan not only in India but in other countries like new Zealand, Australia and much more. while walking down on Mumbai streets people asked him for selfies.chintan is also interested in entering the controversial house if I’ll get the chance. He has fun life backstage at the big boss house.

he also told his opinion about the current season, he thinks that hiten has great chances to work get big boss trohoy and to create a good fan following. Hiten his very calm and cool minded person. Hiten and chiran are also old friends.

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