Congratulation Siddhant Sharma to win The Stage Season 3

Kolkata born singer Siddhant Sharma has been named the winner of the English singing talent show The Stage 3.

He has gave auditioned for the stage 2.  But he could not make in the past season of the show.  After taking training for a year. He came back to the audition for the season three. And then he nailed his audition. And got enter in the show.

This time he impressed the judges and audience. And announced as the winner of the show. While  Urge Yolmo, Zoe Siddharth, and Arish Bhiwandiwala were the finalists. He beat them all and emerged as the winner of the show.

While the top four contestants will get to perform at Vh1 supersonic 2018 in Pune next year. Sidhant Sharma received Renault quid. And awarded an attractive music contract with the MTV project as well.

SiddhantSharmaa opened up about his victory and told sources that,  ” it’s been really crazy. My journey started with the stage 2.  I had decided that I want to sing. So,  I went to the audition. but I couldn’t go further. then I went back home with positive vibes and worked on myself.  I came to Mumbai so I could be away from my friends, family, and everything that would distract me from practicing.”

Before the third season audition, he initially got thought of not going. As he felt that he need time to train himself.

“But few people asked me to do it I gave it a shot, sent my video on the last day o the submission. Without any expectations. I got a call, and I went for an audition.  Then I was chosen for top 50″. He added. Later he was selected in top 35. From there, “only 10 contestants are going to be selected. so, that was a hard run. Then I was more about discovering myself.  What pushed me hard when o got benched for the first time”.

Apart from music he loves to ride, painting, traveling, tracking.

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